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Two-layer and three-layer bags

Bag made of high and low density coextruded polyethylene using bilayer - trilayer technology, this allows configuring the detailed characteristics of the product on its outer / middle / inner face.


The configurations that can be made are the following:


  • Improve mechanical resistance to punching

  • Increase elasticity

  • Increase / Decrease the coefficient of friction in the inner layer (Shorter packaging time)

  • Increase / Decrease the coefficient of friction in the outer layer (Solution in stacks)

  • Different colors in inner / outer layer


Pre-punched transparent co-extruded bag, developed to achieve perfect stacking (non-slip exterior) and interior (sliding).


Increased mechanical properties in punching and elasticity.

Technical specifications


  • Widths

  • Thicknesses

  • Long

  • Colour

  • Print

From 40 cm to 3 meters

20 microns to 250 microns.

According to the client's need.


Yes (Both sides).

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