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Equipo de protección

During this Covid-19 pandemic, Industrias Plásticas Corvalán SA, as part of the basic necessity chain, has implemented the following measures to avoid contagion by said disease:

  • Body temperature control upon admission of Corplastic.

  • Installation of Sanitary Tunnel at the entrance.

  • Alcohol gel and sanitizing soap on demand for workers.

  • Supervision in the frequent hand washing of workers.

  • Part of administrative staff with teleworking, in order to decongest the number of people per office.

  • Implementation of a shift system at lunchtime for production workers (8 workers per shift) and in the use of showers (4 people per group) in order to decongest the aforementioned areas.

  • In the case of administrative staff, during the lunch hours a person is allowed to enter the casino.

  • Installation of footbaths in the different entrances of the plant and administration.

  • Environmental sanitation service, by the pest control company Truly Nolen.

  • Take a fortnightly rapid test for the corona virus.

  • Installation of dividing panels in the production area.

  • Waterproofed floors.

  • Delivery of masks to workers.

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