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Greenhouses with technology applications

Thermal UV 2T: Specially manufactured to be used in Greenhouses, Coextruded Trilayer technology, it presents excellent mechanical properties (Greenish Yellow) for 2 Agricultural Seasons (12 24 months). By incorporating an EVA Copolymer with mineral charges, it allows to increase the internal temperature in the greenhouse in relation to the minimum outdoor temperature at night. As well as increasing the internal luminosity.
It allows a better quality of fruits and precocity in the harvest.


Anti-drip: Additive specially designed to prevent the drop product of condensation inside the Greenhouse from precipitating on the crop, producing harmful effects on the growth and quality of the fruits, as well as creating favorable environments for the development of diseases. It helps the condensation drop to drain towards the sides of the greenhouse, on the other hand it prevents the reduction of light transmission, which in some cases can reach 30%.


Technical specifications


  • Widths

  • Thicknesses

  • Long

  • UV type

  • UV duration

  • Meter per roll

  • Types of Additives

From 1 meter to 12 meters (Greater National width).

180 microns to 250 microns. (According to Product).

According to the client's need.

Nickel or Hals.

2 Seasons.

According to the client's need.

Thermal, Light diffuser, Anti-drip and Anti-virus.

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