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Printed Sleeve

Printed sleeve made of high and / or low density coextruded polyethylene for direct contact with food, a product certified by ISO 22,000 (Food Safety Management).


These are used in various applications, such as:


  • Chemical coating

  • Industrial packaging

  • All types of coating and protection

  • Packaging of food, fishery, agricultural, livestock products,
    Warehouses, construction, export of fruits (dehydrated and fresh)

Recommended product to achieve a better brand positioning through the packaging of your product.


Technical specifications


  • Widths

  • Thicknesses

  • Long

  • Colour

  • Print

  • UV duration

From 20 cm to 1.5 meters

20 microns to 300 microns.

According to the client's need.


Yes (Both sides).

0 - 1 Season.

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