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Mulch or mulches

Sheet manufactured with (LDPE) of high resistance and coextruded elasticity (Trilayer). Formulated depending on the application in the crop without UV or with the incorporation of UV stabilizer Hals for UV 1 and UV 2 Agricultural seasons, preventing the passage of light and avoiding the proliferation of bad ivy, on the other hand it presents excellent conditions to maintain temperature towards the root zone and minimize moisture loss.


Ultra Light Mulch
With the incorporation of new elastic and highly resistant resins and additives with UV stabilizers for UV 1 Season and UV 2 seasons. Corplastic has developed our ultra light Mulch with high mechanical resistance and an excellent herbicidal effect.
Note: Sheets manufactured without UV stabilizer are not guaranteed.


Black Mulch (UV 1 - 2 T)


Mulch Naranjo (UV 1 - 2 T)


Transparent Mulch (UV 1 - 2 T)

Mulch White / Black (UV 1 - 2 T)


Mulch Silver / Black (UV 1 - 2 T)


Technical specifications


  • Widths

  • Thicknesses

  • Long

  • Colour



  • Print

From 50 cm to 160 cm.

25 microns to 60 microns.

500 mts. , 1,000 mts. , 1,500 mts.

Transparent, Black, Orange, White / Black and Silver / Black.

Yes (Both sides).

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