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Black: Our Coextruded three-layer black silo film in different thicknesses has been developed to cover Forages and preserve them for livestock feeding.


Being of three layers prevents the passage of light protecting the products inside, helps to create an environment that reduces the oxidation of the forage, favoring lactic fermentation against acetic and butyric, preserving the forage with greater power fresh food.


White / Black: The temperature of the forage mass fundamentally affects the conservation of a good silage, our White / Black Silo Film reflects the sun's rays avoiding excessive heating of the film and the products protected by it.

Technical specifications


  • Widths


  • Thicknesses

  • Colour

  • Kilos per roll

From 8 meters to 12 meters (Greater national width)

100 microns to 150 microns.

Black and White / Black.

According to the client's need.

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