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Quality management system

Food Safety management system to ensure food safety throughout the entire food chain.

Certificado de utilizacion de energias renovables a nivel internacional - GHG-Greenhouse Gas

Quality and Safety Policy


Corplastic SA is a Chilean company created in 1985, which is focused on the
production and marketing of flexible packaging for the agri-food industry, whose
mission is aimed at providing personalized solutions to companies, under the

concept of:

"Tailor made suit"


Corplastic SA establishes as Quality and Safety Policy:


Achieve the satisfaction of our customers, meeting the quality requirements and
safety, controlling processes and developing products based on a System of

Quality and Safety Management.


Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements related to the products.

Have documentary backups, for the application of which is based on
trained and responsible staff; as well as suppliers of raw materials and

of services suitable for the intended use.


Reduce downtime that generates losses for everyone, based on a
Quality and Safety Management System, deliver the products on time and according to the

agreed specifications.


The management of Corplastic SA is committed to continually improve by addressing the
risks and opportunities, feeling widely supported by a human team

and competent as the staff of your organization.

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